Piece By Ps Placing People and Products

Knowledge Broker

Knowledge Broker is a consultancy service for manufacturers, retailers and creators looking to increase sales and brand awareness within specific topics or areas.

Piece By Ps don´t advertise, we advice.

We only work with premium brands representing "the affordable luxury" segment in the Scandinavian interior/lifestyle industry.

We request quality in every aspect.

We add value, expertise, and professionalism aiming for long-term relationships.

Our communication is classified.

Details are available upon requests.


We only accept payment upfront.

In return, we deliver satisfaction guarantee and the money back if we do not deliver value in accordance with the agreement.

We work high - end and we deliver high - end, meaning we don´t do discounts and our solutions are never a quick fix.

We do not waste valuable time in negotiating contracts individually.

We spend our time creating value.

Meetings are digitally.

They say time is money. We disagree. Time is Life. Spend yours wisely.
— Scott A. Miller