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Initium Novum means to “start something new”.

Nothing truly great ever came out of following the rules.

L.novum is an independent American fashion brand that develops high end jewelry pieces for our generation. They are thrill seekers, music fanatics, and independent thinkers.

L.Novum accessories represent the mindset of those who rejected conventional thinking and escaped the rat race by designing their own lifestyle built around passion.

With an emphasis on the finest craftsmanship and functional technological integration, each L.Novum design goes through an extensive and unique lifecycle of development that guarantees an individual work of art. Every jewelry piece is handmade by a small team of master craftsmen in a small workshop in Thailand. They practice the highest ethical standards. Due to our strict quality standards, the team is only able to produce in limited quantities. Visit our CRAFTMANSHIP page for more details on our process.



Everyone knows a beard is a good accessory, but necklaces and rings are alright too. Press to shop or see, touch, feel at Illums Bolighus in Vika Terassen.


“People who wear black have the most colorful lives”

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Social media influencer, photographer and model who's worked with notable brands such as H&M, Audi, Uber, Jaguar and YSL Beauty. Other accolades include being featured by GQ as Best Dressed during men's fall NYFW in 2017 and being voted Best Instagram Minimalist by Obvious magazine


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