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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
— Helen Keller
CEO/Retail Curator

CEO/Retail Curator

Ann Kristin Syversen

Innovative and energetic Retail Curator.

Hello, I’m an Upscale Retail Curator who is driven by three key values: innovation, problem solving, and efficiency. I have spent two decades in the industry, successfully leading an array of store teams by leveraging strategic business management tactics that consistently yield exceptional results. I’ve also facilitated in building brand awareness, while gaining extensive sales and distribution experience.

My passion began when I was at kids nursery at six years of age, selling other kids’ toys and creating a counter out of a cut tree. Every week, we were allowed to bring some of our own toys, and I convinced my teachers that I had something very important to do outside the fence. From there, I then convinced my peers that I could earn them actual money and started my own “business.” At that point, I realized my talent for this sort of thing, and haven’t stopped ever since (nor do I plan on it).

As the proud Founder of Piece by Ps, I am dedicated to pivoting both people and products in the forefront of the  Scandinavian lifestyle and furniture industry, resulting in high turnover performance via non-traditional channels. I also provide advocacy for creative minds to implement tactful actions that ensure their very best work is showcased. Ultimately, my mission is to not only build a go-to, top-tier company, but to totally revolutionize the upscale retail industry as we know it. I’m deeply knowledgeable but I’m also infinitely passionate about what I do. Unapologetically so.

Also: Having fun while doint it!

Board Member

Board Member

Grete Sivertsen

This remarkable woman is the general manager and founder of the creative hub Edited. She has worked with communication and presentation in the country's largest media house, and after seven years as Chief Editor of the interior magazine Bo Bedre, she knows how to inspire people. She is currently working as an Adviser and Concept Developer, and is well-versed in the design and interior industry with an all-encompassing overview of international trends and tendencies. 

Outside of her career, Grete enjoys being surrounded by nature. During her free time, she loves downhill skiing and traveling as often as she can to her holiday paradise in Italy. She is also a Balcony Farmer at Barcode in Oslo.

Board Member

Board Member

Eilén B. Nerdrum
This admirable woman was raised in her fathers sporting goods store, where she quickly earned
interest of business. Already at the age of fifteen, she was responsible for her own
department and budget, purchase and sales.
She graduated from the Norwegian Business School BI with a Bachelor in brand
building. Right after the studies, she was headhunted by the Swedish outdoor company
Fjällräven, where she took part in repositioning the brand by introducing Fjällräven for
new channels. Eilén is also passionate about design, good food and wine. She now
works with some of the world´s leading brands within kitchen and tabletop at Bastian AS.

Eilén is known for her social skills, hard working, reliable and a bit of a perfectionist. Shealso loves nature. Happiest on the top of a mountain in one of Norway´s national parks.

Board Member

Board Member

Margit solli

Also known as the Retail Queen of the Nordics, originally from Molde, has received Denmark's most prestigious honorary medal of his Royal Highness Prince Henrik.

Margit multiplied the turnover of Danish Stelton and Rosenthal, and later Steem and Elvang in Norway, with a total turnover of approximately NOK 100 million in 2004. As a result Norway became one of the most important export markets. 

Furthermore, Margit has an avid interest in and desire to sell design. She is a  rare sales talent and works beyond the usual, ultimately sought-after for her innate ability to win men's respect in the business world.

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Maja Boysen

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) Field Of Study Marketing and communication in 1998. Then Maja was moving on to the IKEA group for 3 years, before becoming a buyer at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. She then becomes Part of senior management heading up the strategic development for Illums Bolighus, the implementation of new stores and optimization of existing stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Today she is a highly skilled retail consultant with a passion for developing premium brands.

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Maria Liokouras

Born into a family with Danish, Greek, Swedish and Arabic genes, which has taught her how to move among different cultures.

Maria has a Bachelor in Intercultural Mrket Communication, followed by an MSC in Business Administration and Organizational Communication at Copenhagen Bsuiness School (CBS)

During these five years at CBS, she stidued the challenges global organizations face today while working with and among different cultures, which made her realize how badly she wanted to help global organizations convert these challenges into possibilities ….

She is now a key player in a global Indonesian trading company, which has more than 40 years of experience, working with B2B customers worldwide. Her responsibilities lie within all departmenets of the company.

3 things said about her: Emotional and cultural intelligent, hard-working and conscientious.

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Erlend Sand

is a passionate Mentor, Investor and Entrepreneur

With more then a decade of experience from all parts of the startup ecosystem, he has developed a hands on approach to assisting fast growing companies with precision and execution. all backed by his proven track record as a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, and Angel Investor.

As a Business Designer for Happy People, Erlend gives us the benefit of his experience. Creating digital products and reaching the right audience is at the core of what he does .

Leveraging tested and proven methods (and a graduate-level business degree) to maximize profitability and efficiency, Erlend goes beyond cutting costs and increasing revenue, he provides the most value in the time and focus he helps us free up.

As a Coach and Mentor, Erlend is on a mission to push us to take decisive and bold actions, so that we can get our greatest work into the world.

Specialties: Productivity, Angel Investing, Growth Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Innovation and Digital Marketing