Piece By Ps Placing People and Products



The story of Studio Slettvoll started in 1951, and since then they have inspired the desire to unite quality and beauty.

To achieve this, they produce the stopmills in their own factory on Stranda. Skilled craftsmen tailor the furniture according to your wishes. You can choose from countless textiles and colors, and the wood color you like best. It makes every piece of furniture unique and special for you.


There are 18 Slettvoll stores in Norway and Sweden. In the shops you will also find a wide range of furniture, carpets, lamps, pillows, blankets and interior items.


Nordic Breeze

Scandinavian Design meets tropical atmosphere.

Nordic Breeze is a company created by Piece By Ps.

Travelling pancontinental placing people and products,
led to Bali, Indonesia in 2016, where we put down roots. Placing people and products introduced us to a world of craftmanship, authentic storytelling, behind the scenes of the cottage made industry and a deep dive in to a new trend we like to call Scandinavian/Tropical fusion.

The products

Each product are carefully selected to blend in to the minimalistic scandi design to emphasize the fact that your home should tell story of who you are, and the collection of what you love.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in an intricate process to bring you artistry and quality that will last a lifetime.