placing The People

Do you work in the upscale lifestyle/interior design industry?

Do you need a person working for/with you?

Piece By Ps are targeting designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, interior architects, influencers, buyers, agents, sales managers, thought leaders and distributors;

- people who are a piece of the puzzle within the upscale furniture/lifestyle industry.

These people are best-in-class within their field of expertise.


What is your passion?

Do more of it by being a part of an exclusive group within your field of expertise.

Piece By Ps selects members carefully for effective and authoritative results.

Coach and train

Piece By Ps supports decision-makers to take decisive actions so that they can put their best work into the world.

Piece By Ps also adds retail value, increases company performance and offers intensive staff and product training.



Piece By Ps organizes invitation-only arrangements for top decision makers,  influencers, and creators within meticulously selected audiences.