We travel pancontinental placing people and products,
powered by leading Scandinavian brands.

Piece By Ps Mission

Piece By Ps "places" people and products in the Scandinavian upscale lifestyle/furniture industry to create an unparalled turnover performance through non-traditional channels.

Piece By Ps target all joints in the upscale retail design industry that have the same "why" for being a part of this community, and best in class only.

Piece By Ps support decision-makers to take decisive actions so they can put their best work into the world.

Piece By Ps adds value, provides expertise and offers a satisfaction guarantee. We strive for a long-term relationship and treat our partners with complete confidentiality and utter integrity.


Who are the people and what are the products?

Piece By Ps has influenced the retail industry by helping connecting over 200 of the industry’s most influential voices. These people inspire the design industry to promote in a more authentic way.
— Erlend Sand, U The Biz